Discussion about technical issues and upgrades to 22 TCM firearms
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By mahesh1994
#13521 Doing more research and I found some photos of an old Spanish manual for the Llama Extra. The manual's cover says MANUAL PISTOLA LLAMA EXTRA MOD VII VIII. CAL 9 MM.38 SUPER.
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By mozeppa
#13652 i was told that the parent case for 22TCM is .223 ....if that is true then why is there a 2/1000"
difference in the rim diameters?

why couldn't you cut .223 brass down like they do for 300 blackout ...only cut to 38 super comp length. and run it like that?

would there be further case forming to do, or bullet mods to adjust for?

is the modified case that i just described the exact same as a 38 super comp...or the exact same as a 9x23 case?
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By mozeppa
#14074 there is a "rimless" .38 super comp case that is .900 " long and is .394" wide across the rim
and .347 wide at the extractor.

9mm measures also .394 and .347.

so i'm thinking a .38 super comp barrel and slide spring to match would work.

if i'm wrong ....someone tell me why!
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By Old Gun Nut
#14096 mozeppa, this is my post from back on page 5 of this thread:
Just to up date this thread a bit, 38 Super is VERY doable with the TCM platform. I got a Swenson barrel from Midway; along with a barrel bushing, link and pin. After some filing, polishing and fitting, I have a very reliable 38 Super 1911 A2. Got the Starline 38 Super comp brass .The double-stack magazines feed perfectly, ejector leaves my cases about 4-5ft to my right at about 3 o'clock. Started with some mid range loads to test function and it worked! I also put in a 14 lb Wolff spring and since have shot 200+ rounds of top end loads thru it with minimal problems. Had to do some additional polishing to get Hornady HAP bullets to feed reliably, but any round nose from 115 to 135 grains has fed great from the get-go.
So, again, yes , a 38 super barrel and 38 Super comp brass work.