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By RGRacing
#14984 New to the Forum - Mpls, MN
Retired IT - Reloader and Pistol shooting as much as I can.
Started on Mainframes - Picked up on PC's in 84 - Networks - all sorts.
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#14989 Work? At my age, work is a hazard. it interferes with my recreation time.
Working on my pistols, and shooting them. I am a sucker for 1911s.
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By Mgammon
#15012 Retired from the Navy in 1983 with 21 years service, then went back to work for them
as a contractor with BAE Systems for another 23 year. Retired for the second go around
in 2010 ...

Enjoy fishing, riding my MC, reloading, hunting, paper punching . Shot IHMSA for about
10 years back in the 80's. Eyes went south, on the road a lot with work so gave it up ..
Loved the 200m open sight shooting ... Used a T/C Contender 10" in 7mmTCU, a Remington
XP-100 in 7mmBR and 7mm-08 (Deer pistol too) and 10" Dan Wesson .44 for pistol competition.
Good old days ...