Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By MK111
#15169 It may look like I will have a RIA 22 TCM rifle coming up for sale!!!
I sent my RIA 22 TCM rifle back for a warranty refund in January. This week I get a Fedex email with a tracking # for 8 lbs. I sent off a email to RIA warranty Dept. telling them they made a mistake and sent my rifle back and not sending a refund check. No reply. Today the rifle showed up.
I haven't even opened the box and sent RIA warranty Dept another email requesting a shipping label to ship the rifle back for my warranty refund check.
Not a happy customer!!!
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By MK111
#15177 Update.
RIA sent my rifle back and their reply was no refunds so they repaired the rifle, tested fired OK and sent it back.
I reminded them of the 5-1-17 email offering me a full refund with receipt which I sent with the returned rifle.
Got a new email reply today stating they looked at the 5-1-17 email offering the refund. So they sent a new pre-paid shipping laple and will offer a full refund when received.
If they would have only done this when they received the rifle they would have saved 2 paid return shippings.
At least they did me right with a little hassle.