Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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By Pakn1911
#15050 Anyone tried the Full Size TCM Pistol at 100yds? Lately I have gotten the bug to try some long distance shooting with pistols, no scopes. The TCM is a very flat shooting cartridge and fun to shoot. People at the range look at you kind of funny when you step up to the 100yd range and pull out a pistol. Had to replace the front sight with a taller Dawson sight to get it down but after that I was able to keep 7 out of 10 shots on a 12in square target at 100yds. The problem is seeing the target and or seeing the sights. Got a lot more testing and practice to do but that's the fun of it.

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By digitcontrol
#15052 Yeah I had the same idea last fall, since its a flat shooting round that I would attempt to hit a plastic milk jug of water at 100yds. Loaded up my Mid size TCM single stack with some factory rounds & proceeded to give it a try.
Got very close, but your right about sight coverage at that distance & 50+ year old eyes. Also found that factory rounds where very inconsistent, I would see impacts just miss the jug, then next round felt weak and impact was 15 foot short of target.
Plan on a second attempt with some of my reloads to see if they perform more consistent.
all in all a lot of FUN!
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By wood chucker
#15059 5 gallon paint buckets at a hundred, aim careful an smoke 'em. People think I'm some kind of master jedi or something. That makes makes me giggle almost as much as hitting the bucket.