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By 22TCM
#15031 Hi All,

I have been so busy, I can barely check in. It looks like those current members are using and enjoying the site.

There are still spam issues and now that each member must be mandatory reviewed, it has slowed member gain. Regardless everything is still in function.

You may notice that with some browsers, it says "not secure" when logging in. Well, that is because it is not. If we were to ever be compromised, it would just be your e-mail address. There is no serious info at risk. Most hackers only want to hack financials or other much more important personal information.

This winter I might find some time to help the site and resolve some issues. I have an old friend that is a web machine who might help me when he gets some time.

Just checking in. Hope all is well for you all. Get out an shoot. They might be fun to look at but if you don't shoot them how can you say you know they work?

Thanks to those that keep sharing and supporting.

Dylan Stocker
Founder Gem State Arms Collectors
Owner - Old Arms of Idaho, LLC
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#15032 Dylan,
The spam lately seems to be slacked off. Or is it just me, I have only had to delete 3 or 4 lately.