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RGRacing wrote:Hello all - New member - new to TCM - Recently bought a 22TCM Commander Combo - Tested it as it was a rental/consignment pistol. They never had any 22TCM ammo to rent it for the 6 months I fondled it. I found some ammo and was able to mag thru it and I just stared at it - Then it came home with me.

Just started reloading for it but bullets were hard to find - My order from ASW is due today -

Minneapolis, MN here - so if anyone wants to meet and tell lies - let me know.

There are quite a few websites that have components for .22TCM. I do not reload, but I own a
1911 .22TCM/9MM and enjoy the blazes out of it on the range shooting .22TCM and 9MM.
I also carry it configured for 9MM. If you need spare mags, MecGar para P18 will work.