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By Andrewjdewitt
#13752 I am selling my 22 tcm rifle. It seems to be a good one. I had to send in my first one due to issues of bolt sticking and bad maching. They sent me a new rifle back. I put maybe 100 rounds down the pipe, and ot is grouoing nicely and no issues. The reason i am selling it is because i just dont shoot it enough and im looking at new toys. Im selling it for 290, and i have a brand new set of lee dies also. It is listed locally on armslist, but will ship if you want to pay for the fees. ... -tcm-rifle
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By digitcontrol
#14321 Sure did. Was going to wait for the new synthetic stock version, but since it was near by and he was willing to ship I took the plunge.
Already made a few improvements to it (stock was not floated under barrel at all in front), put a cheap rim fire scope I had sitting on and did initial sighted in yesterday with my usual pistol loads of 10.2gr Win296. When weather and time permit, I Can not wait to run more than the 5 rounds I ran yesterday.