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By 22TCM
#1644 Hi Folks,

My dealership (Defense Materials Company LLC in Boise Idaho) has a factory new 22 TCM rifle available. $425.00 delivered.

All laws will be followed and verified before shipping.

PM me if interested.
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By MANual_puller
#1645 Tempting, will make someone a nice varmint getter! I just spent more money than I anticipated getting ready for baby #2 :D I had to sell my truck that I've had for 8 years, the regular cab just wasn't going to work with 4 :'( But, I did get a nice deal on a '11 Ram 2500 Crewcab SLT 4x4 with the 5.7L Hemi :) I'm basically broke for the foreseeable future... GOO
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By DurangoKid
#1651 It took 14 mos. for my rifle to arrive. It is a very nice rifle for the money. I paid $430 dollars for the .22 TCM offering. I have only loaded about 100 rounds for it. It does seem to prefer the Hornady .224 40 grs HP bullets. The .22 TCM pistol bullets have not worked well in the rifle so far. That said, this is all pioneering without any established hand-loading data. I put a 6X Swaroski scope on the rifle. Been doing my test at 50 meters on the pistol range. The rifle so far seems to work well with H-110 and Remington SR BR primers. -3-
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By Bowgod02
#1673 I just bought a new shotgun last night with a hefty price tag, but if it's still available in a week or two ill probably take it. I'll be in touch when I'm ready to see if it's still there.
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By 123wsg
#14911 I've got one I bought about 1 year ago, had light primer strikes and I fired maybe 3 or four rounds before putting it back in the truck. It still looks new and if you live in the Reno, Nevada area I'm willing to sell the rifle and the 7 or 8 boxes of factory ammo I still have for $ 350.