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By Richard/SIA
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Custom 9mm Novem conversion with adjustable peep sights and scout rail.
Top of the action had to be flattened and a support made for the front of the Picatinny rail.
The rear sight grips the dove-tail, the Picatinny mounting is standard drilling and tapping except for the custom front mounting pad.
Front sight is mounted at the end of the suppressor cup for the longest possible sight radius.
Most difficult part of this build was inletting the stock.

If a standard barrel were used the front sight would have to be unusually tall.
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By Richard/SIA
#8150 Using only the peep sight it shoots very well as I used an IMI ten land and groove barrel.
With a scope fitted it should be even better.
Action seems smoother than when it was still in the original caliber.

A very custom build to the buyers spec, the permanently attached perforated tube brings the nominally ten inch barrel to sixteen inches so avoids the NFA hassle.
With the suppressor on he will only add a couple more inches to the overall length.

I expect that this is a hunting gun.