Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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#15106 There are two separate kindss of .22TCM ammo, one made in the Philippines,
labled, Armscor Precision. made in the Philippines,
and Armscor USA, made in Stevensville, MT
I have had bad luck with the Precision ammo, not feeding and failure to fire.
The USA ammo has never given me a problem.
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By RGRacing
#15324 Cabela's - In Rogers, MN for me $19.99 a box. I found my 1st box for $25.99 - Bought it and went and rented one. Fell in love, bought it and went back and bought the last two box's. Expensive little gun to shoot. Now finding Cabela's was nice to see.
Now I reload and that was worth all the hassle. Lubing, 5 Dies, and catching that "golden brass". All worth it when you let someone shoot it and they say - "Holy Shit" that is amazing.