Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By Oldman11
#15288 Finally got my .22 tcm rifle back,recrowned,bedded,shoots one inch at 100 yds. Tell me these guns won’t shoot. Can’t get no better than this.
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By pmiya
#15289 Good to hear that your rifle is shooting decently. I haven't shot mine for a while, a year or two maybe three. Had a few health issues the last few years and I'm just getting back into shooting. I had bedded the action and crowned the barrel. I had worked up loads using Lil Gun and the rifle shot around 1" at 100 yards. I was using it for prairie dogs out to about 300 yards, a bit of hold over at 300.

I got interested in the 17WSM last year and so now the TCM has taken a back seat for p dog shooting.