Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By APRock
#15165 I'll second the small parts agrivation. Broken extractor. Easy enough to replace. Nope, they have to do it. OK, warranty work, I get it. But couldn't I have just sent the bolt as opposed to the entire rifle?
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By Jesse Heywood
redcaddy51 wrote:Those recurring problems are what caused me to spin up a 22 TCM barrel for my Savage AXIS. I have re barreled several 22 TCM rifles to get them to shoot. 2 had already been back to the factory, and still didn't reach customer expectations.


How is the Savage shooting? And whose barrel is on it?
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By Richard/SIA
#15231 Got the replacement a while ago, SN 14XXX.
Bore appears far better than average from the past.
Finally learning how to make barrels at numbers over 14K, or good luck?
Also came with a factory scope rail, probably the same as is supposed to be fitted to the mythic synthetic stock and bipod version.

Still no new examples on the market for the last several months.