Share information about reloading the 22 TCM cartridge
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By DoubleJ
#15174 I've got some loaded up, someday I'll shoot it. Would surprise me if Cabelas picked it up, last one I was at, they didn't have (and hadn't even heard of) Vihtavuori in their system.
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By earlwb
#15176 They had that Vihtavouri propellant at the Cabelas over in Fort Worth TX. I remember seeing it in the large containers. I don't remember if they had one pound containers though. I just remember seeing the big jugs of the stuff.
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By DoubleJ
#15264 Here is some beginning load data with TCM powder and cast boolits.

Factory 39gr HP Av - 1861 ES - 82

TCM Powder with small pistol primer and 41gr cast boolit

8.7gr - Av - 1559 ES - 9 - Poor Ejection
8.9gr - Av - 1588 ES - 26 -Poor Ejection
9.1gr - Av - 1652 ES - 67
9.3gr - Av - 1681 ES - 42
9.5gr - Av - 1707 ES - 55 - No Pressure

Ejection never got as forceful as the factory rounds, but it never caused any malfunctions. I think there's some room to grow here, and this powder ran very clean.

Here's a video of some of the rounds being fired