Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By Oldman11
#15157 I bought the.22 tcm rifle new about six years ago and had trouble with it from the beginning . Would not fire(light strikes) fixed that ,best it would do at 100yd was about six inch’s. I’m starting anew on it now,any ideas? I have the 1911 tcm/9mm and really like it,no problems. I’m begging please help,thank you.

Would lapping barrel help? Barrel crown ok.
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By wood chucker
#15158 You probably want to scope the bore. Some of the early ones had chatter marks. If it's one of those RIA will replace the barrel or the whole rifle if you prefer.

You could try backing off the velocity 100-200 fps, pillar bedding the action and free floating the action and trigger guard between the front and rings.

The case capacity is pretty similar to the .22 Hornet so tuning tricks fro it might yield some results too.
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By earlwb
#15178 The light primer strikes might be some packing grease in the bolt making the firing pin sticky or slow moving. My rifle came oiled up really well. I spent quite a while de-oiling it from all of that packing oil stuff.

yes checking the bore and its rifling is a good idea. They did have trouble making good barrels before. I think that they corrected the problem. But there are likely a fair number of rifles with bad bores in them. Their early initial production run was likely good. Then I think that their second production run was screwed up. But I don't know. Sometime after that they fixed the problem.