Discussion about technical issues and upgrades to 22 TCM firearms
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By tinkertoy92
#2667 http://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/ ... d6935.aspx
I dont have these grips, but 9 down are the wraparound grips for the para 14- mfr part #14000, and the last time I talked to the armscor customer service about parts compatibility, the man on the other end told me that they used the p14 frames for their pistols, so I assume they would be the ones...
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By motorscooter
#2674 here's what i found #14000

Para Ordnance P-14, P-16 wrap around finger grooves 14000
Hogue rubber wrap around grips with finger grooves for the Para Ordnance P-14, P-16, Ent. Arms P500, P245 and Rock Island M1911 A2FS. These grips fit...

found here.http://gregcotellc.com/cart/index.php?m ... &cPath=187
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By Bigjayste
#2678 Yep that's them the hogue #14000 for the p-14 that's the ones me, k9frog, & stedeman have. The grips for the RIA A2 frame have lil "Tabs" on the back of the grip. I'm sure there are others out there that have the tabs and will fit the tcm. These hogue grips have a hard rubber feel to them and provide plenty of grip even if you get a lil rem oil on em. My wife, of course has smaller hands and prefers these grips over the stock grips, even though they're larger she says, they give a tackier grip.
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By ArtBrownSr
#4698 How about MS 1911 A2 TCM /9mm combo Double Stack.
The ones that came with it are a) very thin, b)medium stiff plastic, and c)totally smooth front strap.
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By rickjen2
#15122 Just bought a pre-owned Gen1 M1911 A2 FS-MM in AZ for right at $500 OTD. Shot a couple rounds through it at the shop and plan on taking it out for a 200 round set right after X-Mas. Will report by findings on the spreadsheet thread.

Was hoping to put on some rubber finger grooved grips and was happy to find this post. Just ordered a set of P-14 Hogues and will let you know how the fitment goes. I assume I may need to use a heat gun and do some minor trimming. I heard the back of the grip may need some dremeling?