Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By earlwb
#15115 I ran across this company selling a Picatinny rail for the Rock Island .22 TCM bolt action rifle. They say that you don't need to to drill and tap any holes into the receiver. It looks like you slide it on using the 22 scope grooves. Then use some set screws to lock it in place.

https://www.diproductsinc.com/Detail.as ... 1&CAT=3654
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By shortfuse
#15117 I could not get a scope to line up correctly on The dove tail on the receiver I bought the rail it is very tight and you have to remove the set screw in the front of the receiver and slide the rail over the dovetail and tap it on from the rear of the rifle then you replace the set screw into the front of the receiver then tighten several small set screws down to the receiver this rail is an excellent solution to using the crappy dovetail I am very pleased with mine