Share information about reloading the 22 TCM cartridge
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By RGRacing
#15093 Thanks all - I am still a novice re-loader and most of my experience of 3000 of so rounds are all straight wall.
I DON'T have a problem with factory Armscor Ammo - 40 or 39g 9r's. I'm using Factory Armscor 40 gr bullets.

I fell into the Lyman "M" die concept and it really does a nice job expanding and my bullets sit without support during seating. I finish with the Lee FCD.

I'm mid project now but have gone up to 11g H110 and now heading back down to the 10.2-3g loads and will watch my distance from target as well.

But remember - shooting factory ammo appears to be fine - Not that huge of a deal - as I target shoot only, and if I did carry and I needed to use it - think about the expanded wound channel.

Thanks again for everyone's interest - this appears to be a great site to learn and share.