Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By akwxmn
#14278 I reload to 9R OAL. Anything longer will not fit or work in the Glock Mags. For a while I was putting pulled 40gr ARMSCOR bullets in backwards. Much like a wadcutter. Worked just fine. Surprised me. Now I'm using a lead 37g FP GC that I've had success with. I've only been shooting at paper at 25 and 50 yards and mostly just for function. Accuracy looks pretty good. Just don't get to play as much as I would like. Should be getting the ramped barrel back next week.
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By Turbocavy
#14603 I did some load development this evening. 45 gr soft points, started with 9.8 gr of Lil gun and group size came down as powder charge went up. Ended at 10.2 gr and group of. 375" at 50 yards. Going to start another ladder heading towards 11 gr when I get a chance. Also tried 9.8 gr Imr 4227 for a. 425" group. Going to up to a mag primer for the little unburned powder.
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By davolutz
redcaddy51 wrote:yes, a 22TCM would be a hoot, on an AR platform, but ever since I got my Savage AXIS rebarreled in 22 TCM, I like it better as a medium range varmint bolt gun, (head shots on crows and squirrels mostly)

OTOH, I'm spending a stupid amount of money on a 7.62 X 25 suppressed, gas operated, upper...


Who did the barrel for your Axis barrel if you don't mind me asking?