Discussion about technical issues and upgrades to 22 TCM firearms
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By tnron11
#576 like every else im still looking for good grips for my tcm . i did order some from pierce grips the wraparounds . sadly they were very lose on mine . and the grip screw holes wore out in no time . i like wood grips so i am thinking of ordering a set from smith and alexander . has any one tried them ? what have you done to fit para p14 grips to your tcm ? yuush
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By 22TCM
#579 I am going to a friend of mines house today to see about having some made. He is a mechanical engineer with allot of experience and is also the president of Greenspeed which is the worlds fastest veggie powered diesel truck.


We are going to evaluate materials and process to get this little problem solved.
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By Dagwood
#646 I'm interested to hear what he comes up with. I think everyone who owns one of the double stacks is trying to find a good set of grips that we can just bolt on.
The stock grips just leave a lot to be desired.
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By cdt
#804 Sounds like Russian porn; nothing to do with grips. But, I could be wrong.
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By Bigjayste
#2595 I have hogue grips on my RIA FS .22 tcm, they lined right up with the screw holes, and are about 2 mm to long , which is perfect, that length of being a lil too long gives a taper effect to the mag well and the Hogue grips are a soft, tacky type of rubber that makes a world of difference in this pistol. These are the para p14 grips and I think I paid @ $30 for them new, RIA should up the price and include these grips with pistol purchase.
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By k9frog
#2599 I have the houge finger groove grips on my double stack tcm, They fit tight and screw holes line right up, I use these grips on most of my hand guns, I love the feel of bulk on the tcm grips, I have big hands