Discussion about technical issues and upgrades to 22 TCM firearms
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By Quackowski
#15139 I recently acquired a FS .22 TCM/9mm combo (Mod. 51962). I bought a P/C ramped .38 Super barrel from Advanced Tactical. I'm running Starline .38 Super Comp brass without any problems. Feeds, fires, extracts, and ejects .22 TCM, 9mm, and .38 Super Comp flawlessly. YMMV. Quackowski
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By peh
#15261 I'm late to this thread but want to relay that I also have a 38 Super conversion for my FS-Tactical 2011 G10 (Combo). I used a Kart Xact Fit Barrel Kit with NO modifications to the slide. I do reload 38 Super Comp brass and have no problems of any kind with functioning. In fact this barrel combination is the most accurate of the three and almost as accurate as my Colt Gold Cup. Those looking into this conversion need to understand that 38 Super Comp is basically a 38 Super case WITHOUT the semi-rim which is almost exactly the same as the 9mm case head. This case would also eliminate the feed problems associated with some 38 Super firearms and is generally considered interchangeable with 38 Super ammunition. I use 38 Super Comp exclusively in all my 38 Super automatic firearms (there could be a problem using it in a 38 Super revolver).