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By RGRacing
#14983 Looks like an older post but the outcome was perfect. New to 22TCM reloading since my 22TCM Pistol purchase I have been looking hi and low for bullets. I just became a confirmed forum member and wanted to say - They are in stock at the link. They had close to 140 Sat and now down to 83. Mine will be here Friday -

Hope to get over some of the teething issues reloading using the Lee 3 die set. I used some sierra bullets H110/10g which were tumbling - Hope these solve the issue. OAL 1.285 could not be reached >> 1.300 was the best I could do - I need some die tuning but wanted to wait for the Armscor to see what happens.

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By RGRacing
#14997 I loaded up 50 with the new Factory 40 gr bullets - I added a spacer in my seating die and was able to get to the recommended 1.255 OAL - I did smash 3 of the 50 with the aid of my fat fingers.

Went to the range with my ladder - 10/10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4/10.5 and 10.6 rounds -
All tumbled - all shot fine - no chrono but watching and feeling the recoil and ejection - I think 10.3 will be a target.
I loaded mags every other one with a factory for that quick compare and I'm OK with my choice.

The tumbling is a big concern - I may get the Lee FCD and see if I can resolve the issue - I thought heading up to 10.5 gr of H110 would do it. I weighted each one to make sure all was perfect.

Back to the bench -