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#14392 Today, I talked to CHAT on Advanced Tactical, and was advised that they do not know when they will have
.22TCM bullets in stock. I just sent an email to Ivan asking why we cannnot get bullets to reload.
Flat out told him, If I cannot get bullets for the .22TCM I will not buy the rifle.
Don't know how much good it will do.

Email to Ivan:
What is the status of bullets for reloading the .22TCM? Nobody has had any
for about a month now. Advanced Tactical lists it as "out of stock", Ammo Supply Warehouse
does not have any. I would like to buy a .22TCM Rifle but if I cannot reload
I do not want it. I also know some re-loaders who are getting upset about this shortage.
Thank you for your time.

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By digitcontrol
#14396 Hard to promote a round that you can not supply the needed bullets for, just think if it was more popular.
Just for those with rifles ( since I am not sure they would work for a pistol) I found these at the following link on sale. There suppose to be same as Mid South varmint extreme's .
Thought I would try them out in my new rifle. ... llow-point
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pmiya wrote:Just read a post on 1911 forum that ASW is supposed to get bullets in today 05/26/17.

How can ASW get bullets when ARMSCOR has none? ... hp-bullets
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akwxmn wrote:Back in stock. ... egory=tcm0

Just went to the ASW website, they have no .22TCM bullets.
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By digitcontrol
#14410 Look again 1911 because they had 47 in stock of the pkg of 1000 about 8:30am CST when I ordered a Pkg.
Also received my Midway USA 34gr dogtown bullets and they are approx. .125" longer than factory Armscor bullets. So they may not fit the magazine, but they can be used in the rifle for single shot use.