Share information about reloading the 22 TCM cartridge
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By kdiver58
#14157 I spoke with Martin at the NRA show. Western will be making a TCM powder and have load data for it. It starts shipping in 2 months according to Western. Martin also said bullets and brass can be purchased from Armscor. I had already purchased mine from ACW. Just
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By RGRacing
#15094 Lets hear all about it - Where did you purchase and what was the cost.

Hope to see your range reports.

Nice find -
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By DoubleJ
#15096 Got that from Midsouth. They had a deal running where you could get free hazmat if you ordered some powder called Clean Shot, so I threw a couple pounds of TCM in with my order. Looks to be a bit faster than 110, maybe in the 2400/AA9 range. Cast up some 41.1gr round nose flat point boolits today to coat and load. Now if only I had a handgun chambered in 9R...
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By RGRacing
#15097 I just signed up with Midsouth - Finding Accurate TCM around Mpls may be a challenge.
This round is still a favorite of mine to shoot. Everyone moves away from me at the range - I sometimes have to let a fellow lane neighbor take a shot or two just to believe it. Love to try a couple of your crafted rounds in my Commander.
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By earlwb
#15173 I was noticing that several businesses now sell the Accurate 22 TCM propellant now. So it may be a lot more easy to get now. I'll have to check out Cabelas the next time I go as they might have it there now too.

Midway USA is selling it.
Grafs and Son
Midsouth Shooters Supply
Powder Valley
et cetera

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