Share information about reloading the 22 TCM cartridge
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By DoubleJ
#13751 Just scored some 22TCM dies, so I guess I need to buy the Glock 17 slide now. The guy that sold me the dies gave me 3 brasses as well. Staying inside the OAL of a 9mm, the Bator I stuck in there fits perfectly. I saw some threads where these had been tried, but not to much success, too fast of powders it looked like. Anyone know of a case where the Bator has been found to work? Is it too long, too heavy, too something else? I've had success loading cast in my FsN, so I'd like to make it happen with this new venture.
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By dungheap
#13940 Well, Pilgrim, sometimes these things just take a little R&D.

I'm not into the TCM pistols, but if I were going to venture where you want to go, I'd try the Trailboss formula first -- that ought to be safe. If you want more horsepower, maybe a starting charge of LilGun, which seems to perform so well with a lot of regular bullets might work. If you know someone who has QuickLoad, they may be able to help too.

Be VERY careful, always wear safety glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!