Share information about reloading the 22 TCM cartridge
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By Jesse Heywood
#13748 I bought Armscor brass after I attempted to cut down 223 cases and learned that I would have to turn the necks to use the brass. Thought I would post what I have learned about the new brass.

Since my purchase, I have loaded about 800 rounds, but can't remember what I did to prep the new brass. I'm used to Starline, which is good to go out of the box. Simply size and go. The Armscor is nowhere near that standard. Unsized it measures 1.021-1.025. Offhand, I don't remember the trim length, but I will have to measure after my shoulder calms down and can size. The cases are not chamfered. The primer pockets are too tight for Tula primers and need reamed. Pocket depth looks to be okay, my reamer didn't bottom out in any of 200 cases.
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By dungheap
#13774 I've had good results with Armscor brass. Out of the bag, I deburred the flash holes and loaded them, trimmed them to 1.020 after firing, and neck sized them for subsequent firings. Only lost a few to neck splits after multiple firings thus far. For the money, I'd say it's a heck of a deal compared to the monkeying around one has to go through reforming .223 or similar cases. JMO.
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By earlwb
#13801 I did not do anything special to the cases to load them either. I just ran them through the dies enough to ensure the neck was round and not bent. Then put in the primers, loaded the powder charge and seated the bullets, etc.
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By Pakn1911
#13805 After having a lot of split brass I, annealed, sized, and trimmed all of them including the new brass I had, haven't had any more problems with splitting or sticking..