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By Waccamaw
#13959 Modifications on 650 case feeder:
I bought an extra .223 case feed adaptor and chucked it in a turn table on my drill press.
Turned it down to leave enough clearance for the tcm case. Of course now it is to short,but I was having trouble with the short tcm cases staggering and binding in the factory tube so I cut a longer tube with the
same od as factory and smaller id and fixed that problem. The transfer bushing is the green one used with the .223. I do not know if the small case feed plate will work or not . I use the large pistol
Plate and it works fine.
You will also need to order the tcm powder funnel from Dillon the .223 is to short.
I was having trouble crimping the round without pancaking the neck at the shoulder . I ordered a Lee factory crimp in 22 tcm and fixed that as well.
I have seen it stated that the case does not need to be crimped. I disagree, after trying a few uncrimped and having failure to feed and finding the projectile pushed into the case due to its lmpact with the feed ramp made me rethink that.
Good luck
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By dungheap
#13963 Thanks for taking the time to give such a detailed description of your case reforming procedure. I do pretty much the same without the expensive forming die set, and since I'm loading for a single shot rifle, don't use a progressive loader. Couple of your steps seem odd, but to each his own. I would guess that your case mortality rate is influenced more by loss of cases than wear and tear from repeated loading.
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By MK111
#13979 I don't follow your Dillon 650 case feed conversion mods. Possible to post pictures?
I posted on the Dillon forum and their reply the 650 won't case feed the 22 TCM.
But of course they won't give any ideas on a self made conversion of their parts.
I shoot both the 22 TCM pistol and rifle so use a progressive press.
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By Waccamaw
#13980 In response to mk111:
If you have Dillon send the white .223 case feed adaptor to me I will machine it and ship it to you. I believe I still have some of the clear plastic tube I can cut and send also if you don't mind paying the postage. I don't know how to post pictures. Can you post a phone # or email address so I can give you contact info.
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By Waccamaw
#14052 If you want to reform .223 brass with a sizing die it can be done with a fair rate of success.
Adjust your sizing die and us a locking ring with a jam set such as rcbs or hornady.
Remove decapping/expander rod
Lube cases with a good lube, I like Dillon spray lube or imperial.
Cut and debur brass to1.065.
Raise the sizing die above the cut brass.
Raise she'll plate and screw die down until it makes contact with brass.
Lower shell plate and screw die down 1/8 turn , cycle press handle,back it away and lower the die another 1/8 turn. Repeat until you reach the lock ring.
This takes a lot of press strokes to make tcm brass but the success rate is much better. Good luck.
Replace your decapping rod and size. I have found I need to ream neck with a.220 reamer or the neck is to thick to chamber.
You will also need to trim back to 1.020 or 1.025.
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