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By APRock
#15238 OK. Range finally dried up so went out this weekend to see if my concoctions were any good. Not so much...

40g Hornady VMax Lil' Gun Test

9g 2612 - 2674 Avg 2639 SD 23.3 ES 62
9.3g 2666 - 2754 Avg 2690 SD 25.6 ES 88
9.5g 2636 - 2754 Avg 2714 SD 35.4 ES 118
9.75g 2724 - 2802 Avg 2757 SD 24.2 ES 78
10g 2744 - 2820 Avg 2790 SD 24.7 ES 76

I would like to see a lower ES.

40g Hornady VMax Red Dot Test

5 loads ranging from 3g to 5g. Velocities from 1562 to 2196. Besides the sad velocities, SD and ES were unacceptably high (a lot of 3 digit figures) until the 5g load with SD at 14.7 and ES at 33. Stiff bolt on the last 3 loads (4, 4.5 and 5). But then again, my rifle has an extremely stiff bolt lift with factory ammo.

35g Nosler Varmagedon Red Dot Test

Similar to above. Loads from 3.5 to 5.5 grains. Velocities from 1538 - 2437 and none of the SD or ES data anywhere close to acceptable (3 digits in many cases).

Unique powder(3.3 to 4.3) with both bullets didn't break the 2000fps mark. They shot nice. Didn't stiffen the bolt.

Just for reference, U.S. made factory ammo:

Min 2713 Max 2776
Avg 2753 S-D 24.2
ES 63

VERY stiff bolt lift.

Looks like I got more experimenting to do...
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By digitcontrol
#15242 Thanks for posting your data, please keep sharing as you proceed. I tried some various loads last fall with my rifle with mixed results.
Seems I had a hard time with repeat ability, not sure if its me our the Rifle & setup so I will attempt again now that better weather is here.
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By APRock
#15243 Oh, it should also be noted that the 40g Vmax rounds were "single shot". The shape of this projectile just doesn't lend itself well to seating it deep enough to fit in the magazine. The ogive is set too far back and the taper to the tip is long. They were still off the lands though. I fired the 35g Noslers SS as well just because I was already doing with the Hornadys.