Show off your 22 TCM pics, videos, shot groups, kill shots and "big fish" stories
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By smoke23
#3863 Hi folks, just found the forum thru the 1911 forum thread that relates to reloading the TCM. Good to find that a forum is dedicated to this great pistol and round.
Was shooting mine at the local indoor range today and as usual it gathered lots of attention. At least 6 people shot it before I left and its amazing the reaction from almost everyone after the 1st shot.
My current TCM is my 3rd and was custom built by Fred Craig. Its the target model with trigger job,fiber optic front sight and VZ grips. I will try to include a pic.
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By misterlarry
#4022 Welcome aboard!
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By 22TCM
#4024 Good to hear from another TCM fan. Welcome to