Show off your 22 TCM pics, videos, shot groups, kill shots and "big fish" stories
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By MANual_puller
#2925 Weather was fantastic this weekend. Got the TCM out for the first time in about a month and ran some 22TCM through it for the first time in about 4 months yarr

Ran like a champ. Not a single hiccup. Put 100 22TCM trough it and that makes 300 now consecutive without issues on factory ammo :D

I had my wife shoot it. She did kind of ok with the 9mm. I know she'd do better with practice but she's not as into shooting as I am. Let her try the 22TCM as well. She said it felt better in her hand and she shot it better but she didn't like the shockwave hitting her face hope my fake smile works again She's been saying she wants a gun too so we wanted to see what she can handle. Looks like we might be shopping for a .380 for her if she can actually rack the slide lol I told her we're not getting a .22lr....we don't want to piss off the bad guy, we want to stop the bad guy lol

Attached some pics because what's a range report without perforated paper? 40 ft free standing. First five look good. Second is after 25. Only had 2 off paper after 25 but not by much(there's 3 holes, I know, but it was there from another day, I swear lol). The gun definitely shoots better than I do lol :D
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#2928 Very nice , I am hoping it will cool down enough in the next few days so I can get out and try mine for the first time. This morning at 7:30 am it is already 90 + degrees and climbing, I can handle it myself but my 79 year old shooting buddy doesn't do well in the heat and I told him that I would wait to try it out until he is okay to go . He also has a couple new pistols that he hasn't shot yet as well, so we are both chomping at the bits to get out.
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By MANual_puller
#2946 I watched Liz rack my TCM as 9mm with the heavier spring and she seemed to struggle with that slightly...To me it's a snap but I also have forearms the size of her face....she's kinda small....shall we say "fun sized" :D lol