Show off your 22 TCM pics, videos, shot groups, kill shots and "big fish" stories
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By Rooster
#1804 Having a pistol and rifle combination in the same caliber is sort of like having ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate sauce. I reload and had acquired dies, brass, & suitable bullets prior. I was working at getting a functional load that worked in both rifle and pistol. Due to lack of time I was only able to try a few bullets. Used Lil Gun due to lower pressure curve in my Hornet. Discovered quickly that "similar in volume" does NOT mean similar load data though. Had cases stick in both rifle & pistol (so don't ask how much powder I used - simple answer "too much"). I will be tearing down the first batch because of that and trying again. I did NOT chronograph these loads.

On the range I got the best results with the 46 gr Winchester Hornet HP's in my rifle. I shot these loads side by side with factory ammo for slight elevation change and better group. The 45 Hornady flat nose "Bee" bullet was a close second for accuracy followed by the factory 40 gr HP. Results with factory HP's on prairie dogs was in a word "impressive". Groups were in the 1 1/2 - 2 inch range and may be improved when I float the barrel and glass the action. In any case, at reasonable distances - you won't miss a p-dog because of the group size at 150 yds. Single loading using a 40 gr V-max may be the "go to" bullet for a little better trajectory. I also cast bullets and may try loading 55 gr FNGC's if the bullet shank and nose length prove compatible. FWIW the serial # on my rifle is about 20 off of the rifle Shooting Times used in their article (under 100). It took me almost a year on backorder before I got it. So it is "early production".

Many people ask "what is it good for ?" or what to know if it will go through a level 2 or 3 vest. I don't have any reason to test the penetration on vests. It is "FUN" to shoot. I just tell them it's like a "reloadable .22 Mag".

As far as magazines go - YES, Para P-18 mags can be made to work as long as you don't mind spending an hour to reshape the feed lips with a needle file and cut the mag spring down. Is it worth it? Probably not. I got my other mags from ASW and didn't look back.

Will I use it more? - Oh yeah. Will I work on load data? Yes. In a couple weeks I should have some more rounds down range and be able to give a little more data. When I let somone handle the pistol they usually comment on the trigger pull. Only change I made (so far) - I swapped the factory spring out for a 9lb Wilson spring. Ejection pattern is at 4 o'clock and less than 3 ft from me. Factory was at 5-5:30 and closer to 4 feet.
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By MANual_puller
#1805 Nice :D I'd love to have a pistol/rifle set of the same caliber sometime down the road as well. I was going to get a 17HMR revolver to go with my 17HMR rifle but now I think I want the TCM rifle to go with my TCM many little funds.... yarr Only issue is that I really don't need another varmint rifle. My 17HMR makes pretty quick work of varmints and, as a bonus, there are OPTIONS for factory loaded ammunition available, something I'd really like to see in the 22TCM soon. I don't have the facilities to reload and probably won't for quite a while.

I do really want a 22TCM rifle though.... yaeh am not durnk
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By DurangoKid
#2463 My .22 TCM 1911 Dbl stack is one of my all time favorites. This is an excellent handgun and Ctg. combination. My experience with the rifle has been disappointing. The rifle has had over 1,000 rounds down the tube.
I have tried many bullets powders and loads. The best I can get out of the rifle is 2 1/2" groups at 100 yds. This is not acceptable for prairie dogs or rock chucks beyond 100 yds. The CZ 527 .22 Hornet can shoot 5 into 1" at 100 yds with Win 296 and and Barnes 40 grs bullets.
I will store the TCM rifle until advances in data will come up with a good loading. I want a single load that works in both guns. My current experience indicates the rifle needs a slower twist than the pistol. In the mean time I will continue with my 1911 .22 TCM which is very dependable. -3-