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By S11033
#15317 Hey guys,

My shooting interests are shifting toward military surplus rifles, and I'm unloading some of my more modern firearms to free up funds. Among those is my AR in .22 TCM. It's a gas impingement (not blowback) build and uses a standard BCG. It currently has a barrel that is 16" total including a pinned and welded Strike Industries Checkmate Comp. If you have an AR pistol or SBR I'm happy to cut the barrel down for you to desired length. I currently don't have the tools to thread the muzzle, but may have them within the next week or two.

Here's the rifle as assembled today. I can post more pictures if anyone is interested.

I have the following components for sale:
- Custom-made .22 TCM Barrel with SI Checkmate Comp (14.5" pinned and welded to 16") ($280)
- PPS43 magazine adapter. ($160)
- 4x fitted PPS43 magazines. ($100)

I would much prefer to sell these together, as I don't think any of the components really make sense by themselves.

I'm also selling the other parts of this upper:
- Kaiser precision ultralight K7 upper. I fitted a GI dust cover assembly to it. ($50)
- Faxon Streamline 7" M-LOK rail ($100) - requires some fitting that I can do
- ElCheapo 4" quad rail ($20) - requires no fitting
- Gas block, gas tube and upper fully assembled (Free if you buy the upper receiver and a rail)
- Milspec bolt carrier group and charging handle ($100)

Lastly, I have reloading dies and components that I'd like to sell as well:
- Lee 3-Die .22 TCM Set - never used ($60)
- 300 (310 by my count) Converted Cases from Lake City 5.56 brass ($75)
- 50 TCM Armscor Cases (free if you buy my converted cases)
- 1000 Armscor 40gr soft point projectiles ($60)

I'd rather sell everything together if possible, but will part it out if necessary.

I don't check my PM's much, but I'll try to be better about it. The best way to contact me is to email me at