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By Richard/SIA
#5941 I am making a couple of Picatinny rails for customers TCM carbines.
RIA/Armscor have said they will be introducing one, but not when and I am tired of waiting.

I have a CNC mill so am considering making my own version available for sale.
Should I make a dozen or a hundred?
Expect a price of about $75.00 shipped, hard anodized aluminum.
Yes you will need to drill and tap the top of the action.
A no D&T version may be possible but I doubt many folk would want to pay the high price.
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By wood chucker
#9061 I got it in the mail two days after my previous post.

The quality of machine work and anodizing is first class. By that I mean it looks as good as any airplane part I ever saw.
The parallel surfaces are dead parallel. There are no/none/zero dimension variations or any of that jazz in height, width, thickness, slot depth, slot spacing etc .

I'm looking forward to doing some bench and field testing and evaluation in the weeks ahead.
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By kmrra
#11576 I ordered a DIP yesterday and the blasted thing is back ordered just my luck , so while im waiting I ordered some 3/8 converter bases for the TCM cost 9 Bux i think , They will do til the other comes in , thinking about getting a Boyds stock also.