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By Steiner
#15003 Got a boat this year and shooting has really dropped off. Was planning on doing reloads for my two 22TCM pistols but so far still have 500 rounds of factory loads left. Everything listed below is new and unused. Sorry, but I will not break up the bundle. Was going to use a buddy's Dillon so do not need the Dillon stuff. Might be a market for it elsewhere if you want the rest and not the Dillon items.

$150 firm shipping included to the lower US 48.
This is about $75 below what you can get the items for with shipping elsewhere (and not including the once fired brass).

Hornady 22TCM die kit, opened and fondled but unused
Dillon 650XL tool head for setting up the dies and leaving
Dillon 22TCM powder drop tube
Dillon red case feed tube
500 JHP 40 grain Armscor 22TCM projectiles
100 New Armscor 22TCM unprimed brass
140 Once fired Armscor USA 22TCM brass

$150 firm shipping included to the lower US 48.




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By rickjen2
#15121 I'm the guy that bought these from you on ebay AKA, rickjen2. Just wanted to say thanks again. Positive feedback sent. :)

I plan on learning the loads for this cal. over the winter and was happy to find everything in one bundle. Anyway, thanks a bunch, much appreciated.

BTW - Since you are not planning on loading these now, would it be possible to purchase your spent brass once you have an accumulation of it? I can PM you my direct email if that is something you would be interested in.

PS did you have any issues with FTF, FTE, etc with the factory loads?

Rick :)
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By Steiner
#15123 Hey Rick. You're welcome. Thanks again. Should've checked with you to see if you could wait an extra day....USPS put me over a barrel on shipping and I didn't even think about asking my wife to ship it. She works for an industrial supply company and gets a huge UPS discount shipping from work. Oh well.

I'd gladly send you any brass I come up with, no charge. Keep in mind I've only been through three boxes in almost a year so don't plan on sitting by the mail box......

The Armscor USA is all I've shot. Most of the 150 rounds were out of my high cap standard full size with zero issues. I shot maybe 30-40 rounds through the Tac Ultra single stack mid size and did have two or three FTE's that cleared with just racking the slide, did not require a punch out.

BTW, if you don't already have a Maglula, get one. Oh my Lord, don't know why I waited so long....
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#15124 Steiner,\
I will second you on the Maglula! It really saves this 83 year old's fingers.
And, the hicap model will accept most single stack RIA mags. I use mine on my
RIA 9MM, Super .38 and .45ACP.
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By Steiner
#15141 Not to be a jerk, but did you read any of the thread?
The guy who bought it commented on December 19.
Sorry for not posting it "sold" but figured it was obvious.
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By Stilgar308
#15153 Nah, my bad I read the thread but brain didnt process "I'm the guy that bought these from you on ebay" part from Rick.

Sorry, yeah kinda of used to forums where they post up "sold". I was looking for that final post. He got a great deal though!