Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By redcaddy51
#3852 After reading most of the negative comments about the "first run" barrels, I wonder if not only the bore's are crude, but the 1:20 twist might be a factor as well.

I checked an early specimen at a LGS (no, he was not happy with the results of my inspection, I have since advised him of RIA's policy) and found the twist was slightly less than 1 : 20 and, with my borescope, the bottom of the grooves looked like they were cut with a broad axe. Not what a buyers expects for the MSRP price point.

What twist rate is being used in the "NEW barrels? Is the bore .223" or.224"

All I know for sure is that my custom barrel, (1 : 10-.223) in my AXIS, shows signs of wanting to be a tack driver, (4 in .378"@50 Yds.) with later manufacture, made in AZ., factory ammo. (hand loads and a pillar bedded stock will, I think, do much better)

Has anyone tried to custom re barrel a "first-run" yet? or inspected a "replacement" barrel for twist rate and actual bore size? Is the Mothership re barreling the original receiver or just sending out a different barreled action?

Please understand, I'm NOT beating up on RIA. I lived thru the 22 TCM/9mm combo set growing pains and now have 2, fine shooting, examples of what has become the "standard" quality level, as well as several other single and double stack examples. I'm sure the rifle will take the same road. (Brother Marty told me so)

For now though, I'm havin' way too much fun playing with my "Franken gun" AXIS.

Just thinkin' out loud...
Thanks, Paul
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By MANual_puller
#3853 From what I gathered from what Martin posted on one of the Facebook pages is that they are replacing entire rifles. It is quicker to resolve issues that way.
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By Travelor
#3873 I had one of the terrible junk barrel guns (since returned it ti RIA for replacement/rebarrel, but did not have it long enough to check the twist. Their gunsmiths should be examining this week.

HOPEFULLY, the new barrels with have closer to a 1:14 twist. A twist rate of 1:20 should not produce accuracy in this cartridge.

Anyone got one with a "good" barrel and ca report on the twist rate?
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By PommyB
#3917 I'd be most surprised if the barrels were 1:20", that seems way out of the norm for a .22 caliber rifle of any type (RF or CF). My .218 Bee has a barrel from a Model 52 Winchester (.22LR) which is 1:16" & it will shoot 10-shot groups of an 1" or slightly less at 100yds with 40gn bullets (.223" or .224"), as well as the new 34gn JHP. I would hope the .22 TCM barrels will be 1:16" at most, preferably closer to 1:12" or 1:14".
My .218 Bee is my gopher rifle, & I bought the .22 TCM as a 'back-up' but the accuracy at both 50 & 100yds was atrocious, so I sent it back to Armscor on Friday to see what they could find wrong with it. I don't have a bore scope, but a look down the bore showed what I think is a rough patch about 1/3 of the along, so hopefully that was the problem & I will have a useable rifle after it is returned or replaced. I have to say Armscor have handled the whole return process very well so far.
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By 22TCM
#3918 It is rough. Martin came out an openly stated that the TCM rifles were having quality issues about 2 months back on the 22 TCM krew forum.

As a dealer, I sold some to friends of mine and had them threaded for cans. It was apparent that there was an issue when you looked at the barrel after being cut to find that it was not concentric.

The crapper about that is now the barrel is cut, no warranty.

I e-mail Martin with no response.

This next year, I will be visiting them at Shotshow. I am going to take my barrel ends and show them to see what they say.
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By MANual_puller
#3919 Best of luck Dylan! I wouldn't think they could say threading the end caused that problem. There's no fixing it either even if you hadn't threaded them. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't warranty them but that doesn't mean they will. Hopefully they work with you on it!
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By jimrk
#3920 From an old email from Armscor (before they were in production) I was told they were 1:16
Just sent the 2nd one back. Spent case was stuck in he chamber. Would not open or close.
Asked for one that has been tested for function and accuracy. We shall see.
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By Travelor
#3937 I had one of the BAD barreled guns that I sent back. Got a notice yesterday that I was having a gun delivered tomorrow.

I will see what shows up and I will check the twist rate IF the barrel is not a train wreck as the other was.
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By DurangoKid
#3943 I have been very disappointed with the .22 TCM rifle. I sold mine on consignment and lost money. I have been loading since old Shep was just a pup. The rifle simply was not accurate. I had to glass bed the action but did very little to improve the rifle.
The .22 TCM 1911 is my favorite but the rifle needs a redesign.
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By 123wsg
#3959 Armscor is selling P.O.S. and prospective buyers should take heed and look elsewhere. Sure they answer e-mails and phone sometimes, but their quality control is really bad and no ammount of " I will fix it right away " BS makes a poor product right. Please, all kool-aid drinkers dont respond to this post. If big A gives you wood, go into a private place and enjoy yourself.