Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By earlwb
#15310 It isn't getting the exposure out in the world. Not a lot of advertising either. So people tend to be leery of it. Plus it isn't like you can buy ammo at most stores for it as well. Cabelas was the only one I know of that stocked any ammo for it. Since it is a proprietary round, the major ammunition companies are unlikely to make ammo for it so far. Plus being proprietary no one else will chamber a gun for it either. I think if they let it loose into the marketplace and got some SAAMI standards for it, then it would start to take off much better.
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By digitcontrol
#15311 Earlwb,
Ditto!! OLdman11 posted the same question in the pistol discussion & I replied with nearly the same answer you did.
I wonder what their concern is with going Sammi?