Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By DrPhilWV
#15234 Finally bit the bullet and will rebarrel the rifle. I had a low serial # rifle with a marginal barrel. Was gonna get a “take off” Barrel, but I’m the end I think a fresh barrel is the way to go.
So - got a 25” green mountain .22 blank with a 1 in 12. Took it out to my local gunsmith. We decided to turn the blank to a diameter with no taper. It will give it more of a bull barrel look.

I have a pic of the barrel threads. Some sort of powdery crap all over the threads and the action screw galled some of the barrel threads. Needless to say will also shorten the action screw. I really love the rifle and this might unlock its potential. Let’s hope!
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By ksushabow
#15255 I think you need to drop in more often

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