Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By Richard/SIA
#15230 SN# 14XXX came with a very good bore and a factory scope rail.
Barrel thread still has a lot of Loc-Tite making it a nuisance to remove.
Not sure why since the forward screw holding the action into the stock also serves to lock the barrel.
Scope rail is held by four fairly large screws tapped into the top of the action.
The same .22 integral dovetail is under it.
I like the DIP Products rail better but this one appears to be free from the factory.

Have not seen any new production available from wholesale/dealers in months, have given up on buying any more of these.
For anyone unhappy with their TCM there is a ready market for them as the 9mm conversion is popular with excellent Green Mountain barrels accuracy.