Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By Richard/SIA
#15085 Armscor is sending a ticket to return it.
They still refuse to just sell ANY parts no matter how trivial.
I may have found another source for a replacement action.
If I do get that action I will only send Armscor the broken parts so that I can keep the stock, bolt, extractor components, and my barrel.
I have another TCM with a stock so badly warped it is almost unbelievable.
Just about done with Armscor, their erratic quality, and unreasonable small parts policies.
A shame, I had high hopes for these.
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By earlwb
#15086 That is most unfortunate. It seems you have a lot of bad luck with this brand.
I would be most curious to see some pics of the broken receiver.
Sorry for your misfortune, my condolences.
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By redcaddy51
#15164 Those recurring problems are what caused me to spin up a 22 TCM barrel for my Savage AXIS. I have re barreled several 22 TCM rifles to get them to shoot. 2 had already been back to the factory, and still didn't reach customer expectations.

The only RIA left in my safe is a 4 digit serial 22 TCM/ 9mm pistol, sent to replace my 3 digit that wouldn't shoot accurately. Custom sights, re crown, some small parts replaced, Slide re fit etc. it now shoots very well with either barrel.

Sad to see the decline. The "no parts" policy is helping my bottom line right now, but hurting the brand. As years ago, with Norinco went the same way with their 1911. folks were buying them, bringing them to a local gunsmith to be rebuilt into a competition or carry piece. Usually only reusing the frame, barrel and slide. ( The quality parts)