Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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Richard/SIA wrote:Action broke in two! ouch
9mm is LOWER pressure than TCM.
SN# is under 200.

Have a pic to post if I can get my hosting to work.

Send an email to Shawn Fairbairn at RiA ..Shawn@rockislandarmory.com. He can help you, he is
the top gunsmith there.
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Richard/SIA wrote:Yes, snapped into two parts.
Oil line shows it was cracked when I got it.
No reply from Armscor's gunsmith yet.

Try Ivan@armscor.net
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By Richard/SIA
#15085 Armscor is sending a ticket to return it.
They still refuse to just sell ANY parts no matter how trivial.
I may have found another source for a replacement action.
If I do get that action I will only send Armscor the broken parts so that I can keep the stock, bolt, extractor components, and my barrel.
I have another TCM with a stock so badly warped it is almost unbelievable.
Just about done with Armscor, their erratic quality, and unreasonable small parts policies.
A shame, I had high hopes for these.
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By earlwb
#15086 That is most unfortunate. It seems you have a lot of bad luck with this brand.
I would be most curious to see some pics of the broken receiver.
Sorry for your misfortune, my condolences.