Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By Richard/SIA
#15051 I've had a few extractors break and so has one customer.
No luck at all getting replacements from R.I. even though the part number is supplied in the manual.
They ALWAYS want the gun mailed in at over $30.00!
So I removed a good extractor and used my optical comparator to obtain an accurate image which I have drawn in CAD.
I have a local guy cutting them from 3/32" tool steel using a laser.
Making several more than I need so will have extra to sell.
Disappointed at the high cost of material and do not yet have the exact cut cost.
But even at a "High" price they will certainly be cheaper than shipping off the gun and a MUCH quicker repair.
Expectation is to have them next week, I will update this post.
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By Richard/SIA
#15069 Laser I was going to use did not work out as the material was too small for that laser to hold.
Found a smaller laser but it also needs a larger piece of material than I have.

Now looking into water-jet.

Armscore still refuses to sell me any extractor parts, email to their gunsmith was not answered.
I will not be buying any more of these as I am NOT happy with the unavailabilty of even trivial parts.
Why supply a parts list with each rifle if you will not sell any?
So from now on it will only be kits for the local owner and his gunsmith to assemble.