Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By dungheap
#14326 Even when plinking, it's nice to be able to hit what you're shooting at more than occasionally. When ammo yields groups that large in a custom built rifle, it has to be really horrible in a factory rifle, IMO.
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By Rangemaster1
#14329 I was analyzing what occurred during the time when I shot the 22TCM factory. I had been shooting moly coated bullets. The barrel would have been coated with moly which could account for the first one or two rounds being conciderably out of the group. In that group, number one was the top most round, the second was the lower left round. Both are considerably out of the main group. Both indicated greater velocity than the others. An educated guess on my part. Since I don't intend to shoot anymore factory ammo due to copper fouling, I may not duplicate the situation. However, if I do, I'll report the findings.

Happy shooting. May all your fliers go "in".