Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By Richard/SIA
#12770 I recently got the barrel knox profile programmed for my CNC lathe.
Already had the threaded portion.

A couple of people have asked me to supply new TCM barrels made on premium blanks.
Not hard to do now that I have the programs but getting good blanks is still slow and moderately expensive.

So the questions become if there is really a large enough market for them at a price point that would pay for my time?
Last TCM I got was in the #8000 SN range.
A drop in the bucket compared to others such as the 10-22.
A larger quantity allows a lower unit price.
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By Richard/SIA
#12773 That becomes part of the question,
Too expensive a blank and very few or no people will be willing to pay the price.
Too cheap and there would be no point.

So how good is the happy medium?

Green Mountain or Schillen?
Not sure who is in between in .22.
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By wood chucker
#12907 I been thinking about this.

The factory resolved the chattered grooves problem so any replacement barrel has to offer some sort of advantage over a factory barrel if its going to sell.

If a replacement barrel were throated closer to bullet diameter so 9R would shoot good through it, that might be a edge. It would also aid accuracy with regular.22 TCM. Making a barrel kit with a two piece locking savage style barrel nut so a fella could change it himself instead having to mail it to a gunsmith would perk up some ears too.

Of course a fella would also need an action holder and barrel nut wrench and a set-to gage to get it done right.

If the same set up were available in 9mm then a fella would have a switch barrel rig or a nice suppressor host.

With the cheap prices of AR15s and parts being what they are these days a fella can throw together a decent shooting 9mm or .22TCM upper for less than the cost a TCM rifle. If he uses mostly used parts he can build the whole rifle for even less.

These TCM rifles are decent clones of Kinber of Oregon's Model 82 center fire and they are nice but they aint Kimbers.
Considering this and the price tag and then the AR thing, there's an invisible price barrier that most folks won't cross.

I guess it boils down to at what price is it worth your while to make them ?
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By Richard/SIA
#13149 I am already doing 9mm conversions.
Unlikely that the same bolt and feed-ramp will also work well for the .22 TCM as they are modified for the larger 9x19 case and head.

Just shipped two of the best bore-scoped .22 TCM take-off barrels I had to a fellow looking for improved accuracy.
Thinking I will wait to see how shooters feel about the recent manufacture barrels and accuracy before going further with custom.22 TCM barrels.
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By davolutz
#14233 Richard/Sia I posted about the laminate stock just a little while ago and I also wanted to inquire about some of your take-off barrels...i actually emailed you awhile back on your business page asking about possibly getting one of the good barrels cut down to carbine length and threaded or just buying the stock barrel..i may possibly be interested in one of the replacement barrels you speak of also.. I'm loving my tcms and want to improve on this platform as much as possible within reason obviously...