Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By Richard/SIA
#12285 I think it doubtful that Boyds or anyone else I know of will offer replacement TCM stocks since they are relatively scarce and new on the market.
Personally not thrilled with the original wood.
A bit soft, and colorless under the varnish.
Just replaced one with an RIA supplied synthetic version which has both advantages and disadvantages.

It seems some folk are willing to spend a bit to upgrade these guns, replacement barrels seem to be fairly common.

So the question becomes weather or not it might make sense to program one of my CNC mills to inlet generic Boyds laminate blanks?
Much stronger than original and laminate is pretty to look at.
Blanks cost almost as much as a finished stock and the inletting price has to on top of that.

How much interest, and what would you be willing to pay?

NOT currently available, looking for market research.
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By davolutz
#14232 I'd be interested possibly obviously depending on price and lead time. I've been looking at some 96% laminate stocks to inlet myself but haven't pulled the trigger as of yet. The stocks I've been looking at were listed at $169 plus shipping and are a target style stock. They offered just about every style and color combination that you can imagine. I was leaning more towards a thumbhole or even kicking around the idea of a pistol grip style. As far as color I would like to keep it more tactical looking so maybe a black and gray or even just black. Cost wise for one that was already inletted and ready to go I'd happily pay somewhere in the $2-$250 range. Also on a side note I wanted to ask you how you were able to obtain a polymer stock as I've been kicking around the thought of modifying a factory stock more to my liking I believe. I would also be open to purchasing a factory wood stock for the same purposes. If you could point me in the right direction id greatly appreciate it!