Discussion regarding rifles chambered in 22 TCM
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By Oldman11
#10113 Why not take the .22tcm rifle and rebarrel it to shoot the 9mm . Could you not just change out the barrel and everything else would work? It would be nice to have a good 9mm rifle. There even might be a way to swap out barrels and be able to shoot .22tcm also. Tell me if I'm wrong I'm just a 73 yr old redneck with crazy ideas,have a good day.
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By Gene
#10205 I think you would have to change the bolt face a little, 9mm is a little larger than 22 TCM. If you were going to change out bolt and barrel, why not go with .40? My Ruger PC4 shoots 165gr foctory loads at 1335 fps. I haven't chronoed 180gr loads yet, but if you could push a 180gr at 1150-1200 out of the longer barrel, that would be a heck of a load.
Ruger quit making the PC4, but I really like mine.
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By Gene
#10210 Hey, somebody make a deal with Armscor for all of the early rifles they exchanged that had crappy barrels. Their must be a bunch sitting around somewhere.
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By earlwb
#10291 I was told that they crate up the defective rifles and ship them back to the Philipenes to be reworked or scrapped out. There is simply too much risk that someone would get a defective rifle and resell it, etc.
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By Richard/SIA
#11896 I have done a couple dozen 9mm conversions.
Bolt face has to be opened and the feed ramp modified in addition to the new barrel.
I also find it helpful to do some polishing of the extractor.
The main factors for accuracy are the quality of the barrel and proper head-space.
Unlike a semi-auto the bolt does not float, so head-space must be properly set with gauges.
Buyers are sending me pics of their targets, some are getting better accuracy from my 9mm conversion at 50 - 100 yards than many here have in .22 TCM!
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By Richard/SIA
#14982 Update on caliber conversions.

9mm works very well.
.40 SW is OK but the magazine may have to be modified a bit for rounds to sit high enough to feed reliably.
10 mm can be made to work but requires some clearance of the right side of the action and a bevel to the bolt face in order to eject well.
10 mm is a pretty fat and long round for this action.
Same need to widen the feed lips as .40 SW.

Due to Armscor apparently abandoning the US market I will only be doing four more 9mm conversions.
May sell custom barrels for owners to do their own conversions.