Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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By DoubleJ
#15125 Update: Making some more boolits. I tried a Lee Bator mold in the past for my 5.7x28, didn't work so good, so I shelved it. For the TCM, I sent it to a guy named Eric and he shaved about .097" off of it to make these little plain base, 41gr pills.


Working on coating them right now.

As for cost so far:
$119 P80 Lower
$400 RIA Upper
$100 LPK
$60 Pmags
$50 Modified Lee Mold
$50 Once fired brass
About $800 for the project so far, including some LWD parts and the reloading stuff. If you went bare bones, and maybe had some G17 mags laying around, you could do this for about $570.
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By MK111
#15128 Great project. I'm looking for the Glock conversion also. Then i'll sell my RIA 1911 double stack pistol. Already have a Glock 22.
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By DoubleJ
#15131 Best price I could find is on ebay, the guy still has 4 of them I think, $395. I had one on backorder with Optics Planet forever, 10% off, so like $360. It went 6 months past due, then they canceled the order, claiming RIA had ceased production of the kit, too bad-so sad for me. I snatched one on ebay just to be safe, then called RIA. They told me that O.P. was full of bologna, and they were still cranking them out, and would be adding the recoil spring to the website shortly.
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By RGRacing
#15155 Can you share your 22TCM recipe - I'm, using the old standard - H110-10.5g/40gr Factory pill.
Lee dies - What are the markings on the brass - I am still in the experimental phase - gone 10.3 - 11, 4th reload with maybe 5 split cases out of the 50 in my test batch. I still love to shoot this round - RI 1911 22TC