Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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By wmgsmokey
#14933 Guys, I have the MS HC. It shoots low. I painted the front sight white which for my elderly eyes works fine. But, I would like a fiber optic front sight. I think the fiber optic will "lower" the front sight and bring me more on target. Dawson seems to have one that will work. I am wondering if anyone has bought one and what are the specs for one that will allow me to push out the front sight and install the Dawson. Remember, I want to the fiber lower than the top of the current MS HC sight. Thanks for your input.

PS, if no one has actual experience, I will take the white paint off the front sight and put a white dot down lower on the front post. That will work, but I would prefer the fiber.

If you want, you can email me at if you have experience and advice.

Bill G
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By ralloway
#14938 Take a look at Dawson's sight calculator page:

If you can measure your current sight height, the sight radius of the pistol, the distance to target and the different in POI (Point of Impact) vs POA (Point of Aim), you can use their calculator to determine the sight height that you need for POI and POA to be the same.

You could also take that potential sight height and mark it on the front sight and test to see if that will work for you.

In general, and in my experience, precision pistol shooting does not use the fiber as the primary alignment point. If you're having trouble aligning the top of the front sight with the top of the rear sight and centered within the rear notch (equal height, equal light), you may want to investigate some other options, such as prescription shooting glasses which will help you focus (at least your dominant eye) on the front sight, stick on reading lenses, or a diopter attachment.

I've only used the diopter attachments and the adjustable ones are much better than the fixed ones, but at a much higher price.

My father-in-law uses the adjustable Merit Optical Attachment and I use the fixed Lyman diopter

My father-in-law was having trouble seeing anything in focus with his eyes and didn't want to put electronic red-dots or scopes on his revolvers and was considering the same as you: fiber optic front sights. But, after we got him the adjustable diopter for Christmas a few years ago, he's back to shooting his revolvers with totally blacked sights as well as he ever did!

Even the fixed Lyman one that I use helps me align iron sights on rifles and pistols, but obviously won't work well for action shooting sports like USPSA.

It appears that the Lyman one is now discontinued, but I still see it on shelves sometimes.

I hope this helps!
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By wmgsmokey
#14943 Wow. Thanks. I am one of those wierdos who is right handed but left eye dominant. I have great prescription shooting glasses so that I can see the sights and shoot a rifle without a scope, but I wear them when I shoot, not day-to-day. My eyesight is really fine for everything except those close distances (far sighted) when looking at pistol or rifle sights. Additionally, my right eye is my weak eye. So, right handed, left eye dominant, left eye strong, right eye weak. I taught myself over the years to draw in front of my left eye rather than my right eye so my strong eye, dominant eye is alighned with my sights when shooting a pistol. Works ok, but I was just hoping for some magic solution for the .22 TCM and you and some others on this board have been very helpful. Thank you ralloway.
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By Jesse Heywood
#15151 When I had my pistol in for warranty work I asked RIA to install their fiber front sight. The original sight had a proprietary dovetail, which needed the slide to be recut. I love the fiber sight.

The advantage of the fiber front sight is speed of target acquisition, especially in low light. If you're not shooting for precision they are good. If you need a gun to grab at night without your glasses going on it would be helpfult.

I learned I was right handed / left eye dominant when I was learning to shoot handguns. My solution was to learn to shoot with either hand. After some neurological issues I am no longer cross-dominant. I still shoot handguns with either hand. And you thought you were weird...