Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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#14269 i realized that I had been neglecting the .22TCM side of my carry weapon, so I went out to the range, (my back yard),
and took a box of .22TCM with me. I tried all three of my 17 rd mags, and they all worked as advertised.
I always carry two extra mags, that gives me a box, plus 1. I know, the average non LEO gunfight is only two or
three rounds, but hey, makes me feel good to know I will not run out of slugs.
I know the 9MM side works, I shoot that every week. my new neighbor, a quarter mile away, wanted to know what
kind of anti tank gun I was using. After I let him shoot it, now he is looking for a similar tool.
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By earlwb
#14276 Nice going there. They are sure fun to shoot.

But the Leo shootings mostly seem to involve more than 30 rounds fired and maybe they hit the suspect. It sorts makes one wonder what their academies teach anymore.