Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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By mozeppa
#13597 i bought a new Rock Island 1911 ...on the .22TCM caliber.

this is a hot fast moving high pressure round. (can do north of 2500 FPS.)

they also give you a 9mm barrel and slide return spring so that you can also shoot 9mm ammo thru it.

now for the rub.....the 22 tcm cartridge is a wildcat round based on the .223 rifle cartridge as the parent
shell case. they cut the case down and re-form the neck to .22 caliber ...the finished cartridges are loaded into a .38 super magazine.

it works fine as a .22TCM because the cartridge overall length is 1.265" and you must use the .38 super magazine....however you also must use the same magazine to shoot 9mm ammo and their overall length is 1.150" that's about .115" shorter... and what happens? stove pipes!

now it seems to me that the better conversion choice might have been .22TCM and .38 super...BUT!
.38 super has a very small rim..... so......the .38 super cartridge case won't butt up on the slide like it's supposed to in order to go into full it possible i could turn the rims off in a lathe?

so...i was thinking, since the .22TCM is based on the .223 case...why not use a .223 case...cut it down to .38 super length, get a .38 super barrel add a spring up loads for it.

to my thinking having the 2 calibers very close to the same overall length should help eliminate stove piping.

or should i use a 147 grain boolit and seat it out to 1.265" and work up loads for it that way?
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By mbogo
#13605 Mine does not stovepipe when firing 9mm (or .22 TCM) ammunition, at all, and I have .38 Super mags from RIA, Metalform, and Mec-Gar.

What bullet weight and profile are you using?

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By mbogo
#13615 Let's find out what kind of bullet he is using and agree on the definition of 'stovepipe'.

To me, a 'stovepipe; occurs when a fired case get stuck in the ejection port.

Mozeppa, what 9mm bullet (weight, profile, composition, factory or handload) are you using, and what do you mean by 'stovepipe'?

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By Old Gun Nut
#13616 mozeppa, first send your gun back to RIA to get the 9mm barrel working right. I had the same problem and they fixed it quickly. Second, you're way over thinking the 38 Super conversion. It can be done much easier than what you're thinking. Been there done that. Check out this thread:
Go to the last 2 pages; start at post# 13173
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By wood chucker
#13620 Mozeppa, if it aint eating 9mm something aint quite right. Did you try some different ammos ? Are ya holding it tight ?

Mine don't like IMI 9mm but other than it eats generic import 115 grain 9mm just fine.

Now this rimless .38 super from 5.56 brass idea you have, it's a good one. A REALY good one.
It's been done , it works well and it's a real corker, the .38 Super Comp .

It's fraternal twin the 9x21mm is no slouch either.
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By mozeppa
#13625 that's what i'm looking to do ....a .38 super comp based on cut down .223 / 5.56 brass.

it was called the super cooper!

my definition of stove pipe is the next round is sticking straight up in the slide because it missed the feed ramp and chamber entirely.

125 grain round flat nose lead that has been powder coated.
i'd have look in my book for the powder and grain load.

i'm sure my loads are good as they work fine in my springfield R.O.

i'm certain of my skills as a reloader, started when i was 18
....i'm 63 now.
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By wood chucker
#13628 Guess I aint telling ya anything ya don't already know : )

I love me some .38 Super goodness. That said I do have some 5.56 brass and .38 Super barrels can be had for reasonable.
I know you know where this is going.
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By earlwb
#13942 My thought is that if you turn down the rim a little on the .38 Super, then you are basically making a 9x23 Win round (or 9mm Steyr for that matter). So it would be easier to just go with the 9x23 Win as they have ready made cases for it. The 9x23 was to be a modernized round that met or exceeded the .38 Super for competition. It has been pretty slow to take over though. Most competition shooters using .38 Super handguns are not just going to switch over overnight. But going with a 9x23 Win is probably easier to do as you don't have to change the slide per se. A barrel swap and maybe a recoil spring is all that should be needed. Now I do not know if the stock 9x19 barrel can be reamed out for the 9x23 or whether it is safe to shoot if you do. That is something else for us to think about.