Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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By Steiner
#13303 Might be an easy way to get better sights on your standard. Advanced Tactical has the no logo slides on sale right now for $110, any configuration, any sight setup (if in stock).....and like Hammer said "You can't touch this."
Just picked up a .45 FS and a 9mm FS both with double serrations, rear target sight, and front fiber optic sight.

I assume the 9mm slide will fit the A2 combo and hopefully there's no difference in breech face to work with the TCM. If it won't work, oh well. No returns but they seem to sell easy on ebay for $150 and up. I did email them to ask but haven't heard back yet. Stay tuned and I'll update when they reply.
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By pmiya
#13382 This morning my 40 S&W/10mm FS slide arrived. It has the target sight and fiber optic front. I also ordered the extractor, firing pin and firing pin spring for the 40. The remainder of the parts I had on hand. I had been swapping the barrel and the recoil spring when I switched from 40 to 10mm. With the 10mm I was also using a flat bottom firing pin stop.

I had to modify the firing pin stop to fit the target sight slide. There was also some minor fitting on the reverse recoil spring plug. The extractor also needed to be tuned to the slide. The slide fits the 40 S&W frame perfectly.

After I finished I decided that I needed to get a target sight slide and a few parts to set up the 9mm barrel for the TCM. Hopefully I will have those in the next few days.
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By Steiner
#13386 Sounds good. You've got the same idea I had....I wanted better sights on two of mine firstly and secondly wanted a quick change slide for the TCM instead of doing barrel swaps. Got a couple full length guide rod kits off ebay to help out.

My slides came in yesterday and I just fiddled with them for a few minutes last night. The 9mm slide will need just a hair taken off the inside of the bottom right rail and I think it'll go on the TCM no problem. The 45 slide fit great on my XT22/45 with the barrel. Didn't do any parts installation though.

The XT22/45 already has a fully assembled slide but the sights stink. Can't do anything about the 22 right now but at least the 45 will be set up better.

Wanted better sights on the TCM so had already ordered a Fusion fiber front. Well, when I saw the slide sale and got those, found out Fusion was having 15% off the same time so I decided to do like you and do an upgraded dedicated 9mm slide. From Fusion, got a 9mm extractor, firing pin/spring/stop, barrel link and pin, and one of their ultra match grade Clark ramped and threaded barrels. Hoping the 2017 Hearing Act passes....The barrel was a splurge and threading added $50 but the total for the parts still only came to $250 with the sale.

The XT22/45 with new slide (and 9mm slide on the bottom):



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By ralloway
#14822 I've been looking to be able to convert my MS 22TCM/9mm 1911 to a FS 40 S&W with bushing.

This is the first that I've seen that a FS 40 bushing slide has been available.

Anyone know if the conversion I'm looking to do is straight-forward or not?

Basically, can I use my 22 TCM / 9mm frame, purchase the $110 FS 40 S&W bushing slide with snag free sights and I just need to order:

  • FS guide rod
  • FS recoil spring
  • FS 40 bushing barrel
  • extractor
  • firing pin
  • firing pin spring
  • firing pin stop
  • 40 S&W magazines
  • adjustable rear sight

Am I right?

Are the 22 TCM / 9mm frames and 40 frames the exact same (like many polymer pistols)?

Would there be any changes to the frame necessary, such as changing the ejector, or anything?

Is the fitting of the slide and barrel something that can be done without expensive gunsmithing/machining tools? I've fitted sights and firing pin stops on 1911s in the past, but never a slide or barrel.

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By mbogo
#14828 I bought one in 9mm (and the associated internals) for my .22TCM/9mm combo so I could have two slides who sights were correctly adjusted.

Now, both set-ups shoot to point of aim.