Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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#13139 I just bought a MecGar Para P18 17 round mag for $26.60 on
When I get it, I will post if it works well or not.
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By Steiner
#13229 Greg Cote has them for $21.95 but after reading the notes I just stuck with the $29.99 TCM mag from Ammo Supply Warehouse. The extra I got there so far has been flawless. ... p-605.html

That ebay auction is Gun Mag Warehouse's store. They show the high cap P18 for $20.73 on their website but out of stock. Have ordered from them in the past with good results. ... azine.html
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By TcmMinnesota
#13308 I just got 2 P18s from Midway for 20 each.I will have to contoure the lips just a bit for them to feed but it should be an easy task for anybody that likes to tinker around in the shed.